Tuesday, 13 December 2011

My lookbook

 So i made an account in lookbook just click the link under and it will take you there.
You will find there my "looks" or style.
here's an example
 If you don't have a lookbook i suggest you make one. It's fun and you also get to discover different kinds of styles/ fashion from people all over the world which is really interesting.
I will be posting more soon since i can't post it all at once because after you post a look you're gonna have to wait for 6 hours to avoid spamming and stuff. 
Tell me what you think.
Hope you like it and hype :)

My Tumblr

Here you will find random interesting photos I've taken and reblogs from others about fashion, things, places, and many others. Tumblr is like twitter (for me) but instead of words you express with pictures. Feel free to leave comments on what you think about my tumblr :) http://katesobadass.tumblr.com/ask